When hard work pays off

Dreaming without action will get you nowhere, of this I am certain. How often do we here the words, "if only I won the lotto". I say, why wait. Set your dream and then get to action to make it a reality. ACTION will gather TRACTION and eventually gather ATTRACTION. 

I have spent the most part of this year putting into action my Franchisee model and am proud to say that we now have 4 franchises. One in Randburg, one starting up in Fourways, one on the West Rand and one in the Western Cape. We are looking for a new franchise owner in the Western Cape so if you're interested contact luci@scullyscooters.co.za. Our next branches will be in Wynberg (Gauteng) and Gazina (North Pretoria).

Each one of our Franchise Owners is just as passionate about scooter and/ or bike riding as the ethos around the social and economic freedom that having your own wheels brings. As you know we call our programme GET SOUTH AFRICA MOVING and we're encouraging you to come and let us teach you how to be safe on the roads. 

Onwards and upwards!