Why criminal energy should turn positive

I  recently lost my iPhone 5 in Athens and yes, I lost it, it was not stolen (initially anyway otherwise it would have been returned).

I am insured and as it was lost on the 1st day of my vacation I chose to view it as an opportunity to have a technology free break and to focus all my attention on my sister who had received the trip for her 50th birthday. I simply forgot about it until my return. Then..


I returned and put in my insurance claim. It turned out that the excess was 20% and not the 5% as I thought, so I decided to purchase a second hand phone so that I did not end up spending money on a contract phone. I assumed that all of the effort we go to to Rica our phones would create a safe environment for this. That assumption turned out to be a bad mistake. Rica is there for the SIM card not the device. Devices are what gets stolen so what's the real point of Rica? You can easily stop your sim but never recover your device and with a sim starting at R1 and a device exceeding R10k it's really got me thinking. 

Many hours and scams later I wondered what kind of energy we could create if these criminals actually realized that they would make so much more money taking their clever (small thinking and ultimately stupid) cons and turning them into something positive and valuable. Their and everyone else's lives would surely improve. What is it that keeps them thinking they are on top of things? Why do they think that their actions are the best they can muster up?

Each time I left a potential seller, I thought, what a bloody idiot and then I thought, why is it so hard to catch and prosecute them, and then thought, WHY can't we easily verify the ownership of the phone for sale with the identity number of the seller. All the information is sitting there with RICA. Who and for what are the real questions for the RICA beneficiaries too answer. 

But my big question is WHY don't these criminal believe they can do better? Why does making a few grand on a dodgy phone deal feel fine to them?

Come on criminals, it's clear you have some sort of a thinking brain, use it better and see the results.