Employment and the unemployable - there is HOPE!

In a conversation this week I was told, "we don't have an employment problem, we have a problem where too many people are unemployable". I thought about this long and hard and looked back at my experience in just the last 30 days to see how staff, learners and potential staff were behaving.  The outcome was ...

that 1 permanent employee was caught stealing, out of about 10 job seekers and an enormous opportunity on offer, most people coming forward were non-nationals and only 3 South Africans were punctual, presentable and eager.  BUT THEN there was the 53 year old South African gentleman who WALKED from JHB city centre to Randburg twice, just to interview - he is now working full time. And then. Then there was this group. This group of 7 keen, eager, committed and reliable South Africans all willing to do whatever it took to grab this opportunity. Read the article. Let's watch them fly!

The moral of the story. Keep teaching those that WANT to be taught. Identify this early on. Self reliance brings with it accountability and responsibility. When people work for your money, they are seldom satisfied, when they work for your vision and buy into your ethos, they work with everything they've got.  Invest your Enterprise, Socio-economic and Skills development money into projects that make a tangible difference. GET SOUTH AFRICA MOVING!

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