Time. What to do with it?

Growing a new business takes great energy and sucks time out of a Gregorian calendar like a hungry calf emptying its mother of milk. Often it takes you away from family and friends, it takes you away from cushy evenings just shooting the breeze and it takes you away from interests and hobbies that seem to always be put off until tomorrow. 

Many observers can't understand why you would choose this route. And then, you're on an airplane returning home to Johannesburg after spending 10 days in Cape Town and you realize why. 
Firstly, I doubled up my business trip and brought my parents to CT to see our family. My father had just celebrated his 80th birthday and our family had not been together for many years.  This business trip was allowed as I own my own business and don't need permission to multi-task my trip and turn it into an occasion that brought our family together with laughter, memories and love. 
Secondly, I was there to train 6 individuals from the most troubled communities in the Western Cape. A wonderful company called LegalWise had sponsored these individuals to be trained in how to run a Photographic Business-on-a-Bike. Never before have I seen young people convert pain into a fuel for growth. Never before have I seen a group of young men and women soar above their circumstance and see the beauty that lies both within and beyond their twisted worlds of death, rape, violence and decay.
And through all of this, for each one of them, their business success was important to them because there was so much more that they wanted and needed to do in their communities. A complete sense of honest giving.
These are the true leaders in our communities and in our country. The gangs, drug lords and violence don't stop them from doing good, from having hope and from giving from the very tiny bit that they have.
It's when you hear and experience these stories that starting a business seems like child's play. Get involved and let's play this game. There is no wasted idea in South Africa if it's intention is true. 
Please contact info@cdfwcape.org.za if you're based in the Cape and want some really innovative, creative picture taking done for your CSI projects, events or other. These guys are good, affordable and a breath of fresh air. AND you'll be supporting their new Photography-on-the-Move business.