Bali at its best - Part 1 of 5

I am writing this on a plane somewhere between Bali and Kuala Lumpur. I am returning home from a week long workshop held by Roger Hamilton at his XL Vision Villa’s in Bali. My hope is that you will get some value from me sharing a small part of what I thought to be the most amazing week of my life.


For the next 5 days I will attempt to share some of the knowledge that I gained and also some simple steps to realising why we do the things we do and also just how out of touch many of us are with our planet.

My experience with Roger Hamilton started by me attending his “Fast Forward Your Business” conference in Johannesburg. I did this as a result of just starting up a new business to Get South Africa Moving which will be a first in South Africa.

There have been many occurrences where I have been the first person to do something in South Africa. Yet, I have no association in the markets that I started.

For instance:

1.       I started the first in-cinema coffee shop in the country. It was in the Mall of Rosebank in the foyer of the Ster-Kinekor Art House movies. The coffee shop was called Galupis Art Café.

2.       I, along with a partner, Mary Evans/Theron, started the first SMS based Agony Aunt in the country. The service was called Secret Sue.

3.       I, along with the same partner, Mary Evans/Theron, started up the first black owned pizzeria in Pimville, Soweto. The pizzeria was called Armani Pizza. 

Each time, in all of these ventures and for different reasons, I exited without taking any value with me. WHY? The big lingering question was why? It was this question that attracted me to the “Fast Forward Your Business” conference and then led to me to attend Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Master Programme. The programme is designed for entrepreneurs and the title of the programme simply denotes the result of many other understandings. 

And so, after many years, I have the answer to my big WHY question. It’s a good question to ask and it’s liberating to discover the answer.