Bali at its best - Part 2 of 5

After an intense week long workshop with Roger Hamilton it’s easy to see why this man is attracting the attention that he is. The wisdom that he shares so generously comes from a deep understanding of philosophy, behaviour, energy and most importantly flow.  Flow in everything that we do, everything that we are everything that we think and all that we relate to.


His teachings start by relating each person to the five energies in the following way.

Understanding the concept of flow in our daily lives (and business) starts with the understanding of some universal laws of nature and how we get back in touch with the rhythm of our planet and the universe. It is quite amazing to walk through his Villa which has been particularly designed for flow and it’s easy to lose yourself in its peace and tranquillity. It’s more amazing to listen to Roger explain how each and every part of the Villa has been thought out. How the waters around each area are designed to flow at the right speed for the sound to support the energy. Before we get to the Master Programme we all take the profile test to find out what profile we are. Each profile comes with a detailed report explaining the natural behavioral profile that we display. Scully