Listening, Learning and Thinking

For some people, like me, listening effectively without the absolute urge to interrupt, question and probe mid sentence is difficult. But after a week on the Anglo American Capability Accelerator program I am again learning. Learning about the beauty of really listening. What I heard, or maybe felt, was wonderful.

Shiny, Happy People

South Africa really is full of Shiny, happy people. It's wonderful! The World Cup proved it, but our government failed to leverage it effectively. Even so, I have never felt this connected to my country and I put it down to riding my scooter. You see, riding around on my scooter has opened up short bursts of conversation with the most interesting people I would never had normally chatted to. I find that being 'exposed' to your environment as opposed to being 'locked away' from it offers much insight. It's easy to lose...

Whitney - Part 1 of 2

don't watch much television and on Saturday evening, in my hotel room, in the fabulous city of Cape Town, I found myself, well...watching the "going home" ceremony to celebrate the life of Whitney. And I must admit, I watched most of it. Yes I am blushing slightly. So why did I watch most of it? It was not because I was waiting to spot a celebrity, but because it was touching areas of my mind and heart that I have not used for some time. 

Whitney - Part 2 of 2

Or is it the tone? the "music" of it all. Is it the music that our souls long to hear. The tone of optimism, the crescendo, the relief? It is with this sitting in my frontal lobe, that I have President Obama in mind. I bet he's part of a gospel singing church. I would have voted for him. Maybe even shouted hallelujah!

Getting There Faster and Cleaner

By Tripper,

According to a detailed study by Belgian consultancy Transport & Mobility Leuven, a slight shift in traffic composition from cars to motorcycles significantly reduces traffic congestion and emissions.  The study has found that replacing even a small number of cars on the road with bikes has a noticeable effect on congestion.