The Power of Attraction


I recently wrote a similar message to the board of the condominium where I live and thought that it is actually a message worth sharing. We are so busy chasing butterflies that we sometimes forget that if we simply create a beautiful garden, then the butterflies will come.  So if you are in a position where things aren't what they were...


On New Years Eve 2011 I was sitting on a patio on the north coast in La Mercy staring at the calming view of the ocean.  I was thinking that the year ahead promised to be eventful.

2011 was a year of much. Much, frustration, much joy, much growh, much travel, much learning, much love and much loss.  It is with this in mind that I am again realising just how much we need the light and the dark, the hot and the cold, the sun and the rain and all the opposites that our life throws at us.

Bali at its best - Part 4 of 5

Before I go into the attributes of what the Star profile is, it's important to know that for me, the profiles were simply to see where we are all placed within the different energies. The real value is in understanding how the other elements, energies, seasons and characteristics flow.

Bali at its best - Part 5 of 5

Wow. It's hard to sleep when there are so many things to explore and understand. I simply can't believe how so many people get caught up in front of the electronic income reducer. Anyway, after our second day we were asked to share how we were feeling about the programme so far. Our new friend Mike answered "I feel like I was thirsty so asked you for a drink of water.... you gave me a fire hose!"

Bali at its best - Part 3 of 5

Before we even get to the Master Program in Bali we all take the profile test to find out what profile we are. Each profile comes with a detailed report explaining the natural behavioural traits that we display. Many people are initially surprised at the profile that comes out but in going through the report, you are brought closer and closer to understanding and resonating with it.