Employment and the unemployable - there is HOPE!

In a conversation this week I was told, "we don't have an employment problem, we have a problem where too many people are unemployable". I thought about this long and hard and looked back at my experience in just the last 30 days to see how staff, learners and potential staff were behaving.  The outcome was ...

Why criminal energy should turn positive

I  recently lost my iPhone 5 in Athens and yes, I lost it, it was not stolen (initially anyway otherwise it would have been returned).

I am insured and as it was lost on the 1st day of my vacation I chose to view it as an opportunity to have a technology free break and to focus all my attention on my sister who had received the trip for her 50th birthday. I simply forgot about it until my return. Then..

Great when others blog about you

Wow - A few months ago I ran a Twitter competition and this is what the winner had to say after receiving her prize... 

A little while ago I won myself a session at Scully Scooters via Twitter, where myself and 2 friends would be spoiled and taught how to properly ride a automatic scooter...! I've been riding motorcycles for a few years but had never ridden a fully AT scooter before! So it was a first for me too.

That's where I met Lynne Scullard, the founder of ScullyScooters and a wonderful lady who seems to share the same sentiments as I with regards to motorcycling and gaining independence in South Africa. What a refreshing spirit!!

Read the full article HERE

When hard work pays off

Dreaming without action will get you nowhere, of this I am certain. How often do we here the words, "if only I won the lotto". I say, why wait. Set your dream and then get to action to make it a reality. ACTION will gather TRACTION and eventually gather ATTRACTION. 

International Pay-it-Forward day

Make a difference. Create a job.