Cape Town – Lynne Scullard never sits still. An entrepreneur to the bone, she believes that mobility - getting to where the action is - is key to creating your own opportunities.

Scully Scooters Cape Town training fleet lined up and ready to go. Picture: Dave Abrahams.

Her mission in life - although she’s much too down-to-earth to describe it that way – is to Get South Africa Moving. In a country where e-commerce is just taking off, and consumers are starting to buy anything from fast food to fashion online, somebody still has to physically deliver the goods to your door.

Which makes the ability to ride a scooter and the possession of a valid licence (which is often the difficult part) a very marketable skill.

Scullard - widely known as Scully – is herself a scooter rider, and knows first hand the freedom it engenders to (quite literally) think outside the box of your own neighbourhood or township. But she also realised that the principles and attitudes that keep you alive on two wheels are the same as those that build a successful business.